Professional Training


We the Meditrance Consultancy team are reaching many new milestones in the field of professional training and councelling. We have a team of versatile talents with great potential.

  Meditrance consultancy is proud to present the following  team of eminent Trainers/Speakers :-
  Dr. Ajay Shesh- M.D Path, MBA, MPhil.
  Dr.M.M. Joshi- PHD economics  
  Mr. Sudeep Wadodkar
  Mr. Abhishek Naidu
  Mr. Jitendra Kumar
  Dr. Ajay Shesh- M.D Path, MBA, MPhil.
  In addition, we are in regular communication with many other excellent Motivational Speakers and Trainers.
  Our training programmes:-
  Personality & Attitude
  Housekeeping science
  Sales maximiser
  Beyond sales programme
  Teamwork - Dreamwork
  Trust & Ethics
  Spirit of the Fighter
  The third Alternative
  Forever Alive
  Level 5 Leadership
  Productivity Multiplier
  Stress Prevention Strategy & the Priorities Factor
  Every one is a Leader
  The yes Factor
  The Parenting Factor
  Change is Permanent
  Prevention is better than Cure
  Insure your Sales
  Organisational Behavior

Skill training

  Safety Traininng
  House Keeping
  Software Training
  Soft Skill
  Bio Medical Waste
  Infection Control
  Self Awareness Upgradation